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Migrate from Click 8.x to OverIT now to take advantage of the competitive pricing, seamless integration, and impressive additional features

OverIT serves over 150,000 technicians worldwide, with a 0% churn rate in the last two years. As an FSM solution, OverIT has received the highest customer ratings among key competitors according to the Gartner Peer Insights.

Geocall is the first FSM product enabling hands-free tasks debriefing and workforce collaboration. It is a SaaS or on premise solution, with robust functionalities across AI-driven scheduling optimization, mobility, assets maintenance, work orders, crews and contractor management, and other essential field service requirements.

The functional capabilities exceed known standalone platform solution alternatives such as Click 8.x, Click FSE, SAP, Oracle, SFDC, IFS and more.

Strategic Needs OverIT offers
  • The deepest functionality in FSM
  • The leading Visionary by Gartner
  • Industry best practices and templates
Implementation / Configuration
  • OOTB Click configuration mapping
  • Rapid Implementation templates
  • Existing templates for Click, SAP, ESRI, & Salesforce
  • Full support for custom integrations
  • Financial incentive programs available (credits for existing Click costs, implementation cost credits, implementation timeline credits, etc.)
  • Contract buy-outs and credits available
  • On-premise licenses or private cloud allows CapEx designation
Future Expandability
  • Future proof your investment through aggressive development
  • Long term contract options available
  • Aggressive Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence roadmap

Don’t Get Left Behind

Click’s remaining product life cycle has no further developments planned. Don’t miss out on the latest and greatest innovations that we can offer, get started now.

9 months remaining to decide on product, have RFPs and receive demos
January 2022 All contracts due and resources scheduled
18 Months to do all phases, beginning March 2022
Need to go live by End of September 2023
Click 8.3 Ends December 2023
Are you ready to make the switch?
Don’t Get Left Behind
We provide flexible and customized pricing options for CAPEX and OPEX. Credits and buyouts are available, speak to your Account Director today.
Make the switch from Click to OverIT

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