Job opportunities in OverIT

With over 300 professionals located in the headquarters in Italy, as well as a presence in the USA, OverIT is constantly evolving, always looking for young talents or experienced senior profiles.
In an Information Technology company such as ours, the value of the solutions that we provide to customers is measured by the value of the people who work here.
To expand our staff, we look for both young graduates and resources with many years of experience in Information Technology, for Italy and for abroad.

We are always looking for the following job profiles

Software Development Area

Solutions Architect

Within a project, the Solutions Architect manages the entire lifecycle of the IT architecture, including the evolution of requirements and defining a detailed technical solution in incremental way. The candidate shall review the IT architecture in terms of balance between benefits, costs and risks, including threats to security. The role shall also provide to top management detailed explanations of costs and funding and assessments on the return on investment (ROI).

Web/Mobile Solutions Developer

This role shall be able to use one or more programming languages to develop web and/or mobile solutions, which meet the desired requirements, thanks to a specialization on specific platforms and/or software products.
To the abilities of designing and developing software modules, the candidate must also match design skills and competencies in relation to user interfaces and more generally to human-computer interaction issues.
In case of leading a development team, the candidate shall provide experience for the selection, the acquisition and the use of architectures, software and facilities, taking full responsibility for the quality and timeliness of their work, and ensuring the effective use of all resources assigned.

Project Management Area


Effectiveness in the organization of projects, combined with a deep knowledge of ICT and Information Systems are essential requirements for this role.
Within the management of a project, the candidate shall create the conditions for an efficient teamwork aiming at achieving the goals and effectively communicating at all levels, constantly pointing to customer satisfaction.
Within this role, the candidate shall ensure compliance with the constraints of quality, time and costs, agreeing with the client upon any variations resulting from revisions of the overall project goals, or from the need for re-planning in relation to technical/organizational issues.


It is the entry level into our company’s career path for those coming from an Information Systems Analyst role or from a technical specialist role with an average level of seniority.
The Team Leader is primarily focused on the technical management of small-medium groups of resources, without full responsibility on the economic, contractual and customer relations aspects of a project.

Information Systems Analyst

An Information Systems Analyst shall be very effective in identifying the requirements for ICT systems and in defining patterns of information flows and objects to manage. A broad and deep ICT competence must be combined with the ability to interact with users and colleagues.
Within the needs and the ICT capabilities identified in collaboration with other specialists, the candidate shall define the most appropriate IT solutions and take care of the various stages of the development of systems such as analysis, specification, testing and deployment.

Technical Area

System Network Specialist

The System Network Specialist installs and upgrades computer systems, performing configurations and routine installations and reconfiguring hardware and software using appropriate tools and test equipment.
The candidate shall be able to diagnose and resolve issues related to performance or failures, ensuring that the defined service level agreements and the needs for quality, safety, availability and health protection are taken over.

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