Remote quality checks and inspections on suppliers’ materials

With a portfolio of nearly 73 million international customers, Enel is one of the worldwide largest companies in the field of electricity distribution and metering.

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Remote inspections and quality checks

Every year, the company carries out several tests on materials in more than 700 plants with the aim of ensuring high-quality standards. Most of these tests, which are often to be performed in geographically remote locations, require the physical presence of a supervisor on site, thus causing possible inefficiencies in terms of time, travel costs and management of a limited number of resources available. For this reason, our customer required a solution to perform remote inspections and quality checks on suppliers’ materials.


SPACE1, the advanced collaboration product

In order to enhance the efficiency while performing and monitoring inspection activities, Enel chose to deploy SPACE1, since it allows to perform remote quality checks on materials by relying on Augmented Reality. The implementation of such innovative technology has enabled the electric utility to carry out several inspection activities, such as factory acceptance tests, audit of manufacturing processes and staff training through wearable devices and tablets.


Same effectiveness of testing operations, while achieving higher productivity and lower costs

+52% productivity: 5.700 tests supervised every year from remote, out of 11.000

Increased manpower: 1.980 man/days available every year

Displacements’ and costs’ reduction: 950 travels avoided every year

Same level of effectiveness between remote tests and on-site tests

+35% increase in the monitoring of tests on medium and low-risk materials

15% average savings in terms of time required for a single inspection activity