Worldwide project aimed at the management of Field Service activities

Enel is a multinational company in electricity generation and distribution, with around 31 million clients in Italy and more than 65 million in 31 countries worldwide.

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Standardized management of the commercial and technical cycle processes

In 2014, as part of a program to implement the guidelines of the Enel Group, the subsidiaries Edelnor in Peru, Codensa in Colombia, Chilectra in Chile, Ampla and Coelce in Brazil started the eOrder project. Their aim was to introduce a solution to manage all those field activities related to the commercial and technical cycle processes (activities on meters and maintenance on technical assets). Endesa in Spain and Enel in Romania joined the project in 2016, while Edesur, in Argentina, followed suit in 2018, and AES Eletropaulo in 2019.


eOrder, the worldwide project for the efficient management of field operations

Geocall, rebranded by Enel as “eOrder”, is used for the management of teams, emergencies, alerts, notifications and Work Orders through the integration with SAP and many other different legacy systems, as well as for manually and automatically scheduling maintenance activities to field resources, who are enabled with offline functionalities on their smartphones.

The mobile app of Geocall, in particular, allows on-field technicians to visualize and take in charge Work Orders, access checklists, debrief activities, even offline, and collect signatures. Furthermore, mobile side, Geocall is also integrated with specific libraries to manage smart meters probes.

Given the multitude of companies that are involved in the eOrder project, it has been necessary to perform some adjustments and customizations to the solution, in particular for what the automatic scheduling engine and its algorithms are concerned. In this way, it has been possible to optimize FSM processes for each single player.

With the eOrder project, Enel manages and supports more than 20.000 field technicians in 6 different languages.


Increased efficiency, monitoring and standardization of Field Service activities

Increased efficiency and standardized management of field activities

Resources’ productivity increased by 30-50%

Unifying process solutions for every country, independent from different back-end systems

Reduction of overhead activities by using mobile devices and thus increasing the efficiency of the processes

Direct monitoring of the activities performed by contractual partners and contractors