AR-powered maintenance

Zamperla is one of the main players worldwide in the market of attractions for amusement parks and entertainment centers. It operates with 4 production plants and over 450 employees in Italy and abroad.

Industrial Manufacturing


Supporting technicians from remote, through Augmented Reality

The main need identified by Zamperla consists in supporting technicians and external teams during periodic installation/maintenance activities and compliance controls on Zamperla’s amusement parks supplied.


SPACE1, the advanced collaboration solution

For this reason, Zamperla chose to adopt SPACE1, which provides step-by-step guided procedures in real time, as well as AR-powered remote assistance between company’s technicians and the personnel operating in the amusement parks throughout the world (USA, Japan, France).

SPACE1 also allows to instantly share and display technical sheets and multimedia contents, thus supporting and enhancing the execution of maintenance and inspection tasks. Moreover, by providing advanced Knowledge Management capabilities, SPACE1 enables our customer’s resources with the possibility to record interventions and collaboration sessions, in order to create new video tutorials and share best practices within the whole organization.


Remote support for a safe execution of maintenance activities

Performance of remote inspections, thus reducing travel costs

Possibility to perform a larger number of maintenance and compliance control activities

Checklists compiling to track all the operations performed on machineries

Enhanced efficiency in the execution of tasks

Increased safety for the technicians working in the amusement parks

Recording of FATs and maintenance operations