GIS Technology and Augmented Reality in the operations and working teams management

Geocall and SPACE1 will be presented in the event entirely dedicated to GIS and Augmented Reality technologies

ASA Andalucía (Asociación de Abastecimientos de Agua y Saneamientos de Andalucía), together with our partner Eptisa (a multinational company committed to engineering, advisory and Information Technology), will organize a one-day event entirely dedicated to Geocall and SPACE1, presenting their capabilities when used in the operational processes within the water sector.

Nowadays, management on the move is a high-priority topic for companies, mainly Utilities, since a significant percentage of their employees operates outside of the office framework. In recent years, namely Integrated water management companies have chosen tools and solutions able to ensure them innovation and operational efficiency in the digital transformation stage they are experiencing.

During the conference, the OverIT’s advisors team shall present our innovative solutions, recognized on an international scale:

Geocall: for managing and monitoring field processes, enhancing efficiency in the teams management, improving the quality of alphanumeric and multimedia information collected on field as well as service levels for citizens. We shall showcase a demo applied to the sector, thus highlighting the strengths of this innovative Field Service Management tool;

SPACE1: solution revolutionizing on-field activities through Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality. We shall present a demo describing several use cases where SPACE1 provides added value to the Integrated water management companies.