Tesla and OverIT, the mobility of the future

For the first time ever, the innovations introduced by the two companies together at the same event

On March 7th 2018 from 10:30 am, Tesla and OverIT will jointly be present in the Expo Area in Milan to showcase their innovative vision in the field of “mobility”.

Tesla, the American company specialized in planning and production of premium electric vehicles, photovoltaic panels and electricity storage systems and it is considered as the most innovative company of its sector. It will introduce to the public its vision on the future of the car, with its “Global transition to sustainable energy” presentation.

OverIT, Italian leader in the development of Field Service software, will unveil in a world preview its Augmented Reality and Virtual Collaboration solutions through the dedicated speech on “Augmented Reality in the business scenario”.

During the event, the public will be able to test drive the cars made available by Tesla and to live test the most recent OverIT’s Augmented Reality technologies applied to business.