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Join our upcoming webinar, “Benefits of Remote Support: Featuring Rail Cargo Group and H-ON Consulting” hosted by OverIT and RealWear. Learn more about how virtual remote collaboration supports frontline workers to carry out tasks quicker, reduce travel time, and remain safe. Hear from Rail Cargo Group and H-ON Consulting on their experience of choosing the best fit for their workers, lessons learned, and key benefits.

We are the home to innovators, FSM experts, and engineers dedicated to leveraging technology to help Field Service teams work smarter. Our company is multicultural and founded on innovative research and collaborative thinking. By relying on innovative technologies such as Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to optimize field activities, over 150,000 of our clients’ resources are improving operational performance and customer satisfaction, while reducing costs.

Developed in partnership with Field Service News and RealWear, and the exclusive participation of Rail Cargo Group, this 22 page eBook looks at the key considerations Field Service organizations should make when looking at remote service solutions for their operations from both a software and hardware perspective

Safety, efficiency, and information collection are all extremely important in the rail industry whether linear, fixed or rolling assets. Discover the benefits provided by AR-based solutions.

The spread of Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality-based solutions is reshaping the field of Industrial Manufacturing. Download the asset and learn more.

Geocall 9 heralds the dawn of a new era, where information can be accessed at any time through voice commands, allowing hands-free operations and therefore a greater focus on operating processes.