“With more than 20 years of international experience in Field Service, we help industry leaders to run their commercial and technical service with the most advanced technologies and best practices”

Relying on its expertise in creating Field Service, Mobile and innovative IT solutions, OverIT optimizes Field processes with cutting-edge technologies aiming at helping companies lowering costs, increasing productivity, reducing the time-to-market and providing the customer with the best service possible.

Founded around the end of the ‘90s as a spin-off of the IT department of a multinational company leader in food distribution, OverIT has now 380 professionals, it operates worldwide and works together with important organizations to help them achieve excellent performance in the optimization of Field processes.

OverIT customers come from several verticals, such as Energy & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Industry, Services and Transportation: all of them considering the management of field activities as a priority.

The company invests around 10% of its annual revenue in research and development. With its internal laboratory and long-term cooperation with important universities, OverIT constantly tests cutting-edge services and solutions, aiming at maintaining a strong competitive edge on the market.

Combining a twenty-year experience developed on-field, the know-how resulting from continuous research and testing activities, and the competence of its resources, the company is nowadays able to cope with the project requirements of its customers, delivering high efficiency and quality.