IoT Conference 2022

Bern, Switzerland | August 25, 2022

OverIT is proud to announce that it will take part in the IoT Conference 2022 – Reality check for IoT.

IoT has passed the hype phase: the networking of people, objects and processes as well as the easy access to data enables better products and services, more efficient processes and new business models. But are these developments examples of early movers or already part of everyday business life? Where do we really stand today in terms of IoT application?
Under the title “Reality-Check for IoT”, CEOs of leading companies, experts and practitioners will show where we really stand today in the application of IoT, what is already being done successfully and which trends, developments and effects of IoT can be expected in the future.

These major issues will be central to the IoT Conference 2022, which also aims at providing concrete insight into how networking, sensors, data, intelligent algorithms, and digital IoT ecosystems are leading to greater reliability, more efficient processes, new business models and increased sustainability.

Paolo Bergamo, Chief Executive Officer at OverIT, will be a guest speaker at this event. With a speech entitled “IoT and disruptive technologies reshaping the Field Service of the future”, he will present how much Field Service is the crossroad of all innovations happening today, relying on disruptive technologies such as IoT, AR, AI, and 5G, and reshaping operations of millions of field workers in the next future.

Don’t miss the chance to attend his speech at 2:10 PM!