Energy & Utility

Top Electric, Gas, and Water utilities around the globe use OverIT’s solution for Mobile Workforce Management and Field Service Optimization.

Much more than activity scheduling, route optimization and resource mobilization. Many Utilities are accelerating their digital transformation process, adopting more and more innovative technologies that enable remote management and execution of operations, collaboration among technicians and knowledge transfer (also in the light of the increasing engagement of contractors and of the average age of the workforce).
More than twenty years of experience in the field and a deep knowledge of the processes result, through the Next-Gen FSM Platform, into specific functions to efficiently organize field resources, optimize high-volume scheduling, manage service provision, track assets and monitor equipment, plants and distribution lines throughout the territory.

Thousands of global technicians operating in the water, electricity and gas transmission and distribution sectors use OverIT Next-Gen FSM Platform to extend their capabilities on field

Customer services (e.g., new connections) and appointment optimization

Meter management (installation, inspection and testing, readings)

Damage assessment, emergency and bad weather management, emergency response

On-field inspection and maintenance of linear assets and networks

Plant inspection and maintenance

Design and construction of new works

Leak detection in water, gas and energy networks

Construction sites management

Management of works on vegetation

Operational organization of complex projects

Organization of recovery, on-call and emergency response teams