End-to-end Field Service Management Software

Geocall is a fully parametric product for managing and optimizing the end-to-end Field Service processes.

It is the first solution enabling hands-free vocal debriefing and field-force collaboration, while providing several vertical industry templates that allow customers to efficiently manage, schedule and optimize jobs with the support of Artificial Intelligence. Moreover, Geocall informs and enables technicians on advanced mobile and wearable devices, and allows the WOs debriefing, as well as the performance of a strategic analysis.

It fully covers both appointment-centric and equipment-centric use cases, even with complex scheduling and customer service scenarios. Geocall supports the integration with the most common ERPs, CRMs, EAMs and billing systems. Moreover Geocall provides standard connectors with leading GIS and IoT products that can be deployed both on-premises and full private cloud.

Geocall Essential starts here

Manage and configure your workforce, customers and assets master data, quickly and efficiently. Create and assign Work Orders to frontline workers, taking advantage of the intuitive interface offered by the Daily, Multi-day and weekly Plans. Support planners in real-time rescheduling activities and manage any type of unexpected event, meeting customer expectations, and the needs of resources in the field.

Scheduling Optimization – Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Optimize processes and field resources by unleashing the potential of Geocall advanced automatic scheduling engine for your daily, weekly and long-term planning of field activities while enhancing your operational efficiency.
Leverage state of the art Artificial Intelligence for a predictive Field Service Management experience: manage skills, parts, certification and shifts to assign and dispatch work orders to the most suitable technicians and crews, thus making the automatic scheduling process more accurate and closer to your experience and behavior.

Efficiently and easily manage even those high-volume and volatile schedule use cases, with work demand coming in through multiple channels, a huge amount of resources to schedule and several work orders to assign, thanks to the power of Geocall automatic scheduler. Analyze, confirm or manually refine the results provided by the automatic scheduler to create the work agenda of your crews, simply and quickly with the intuitive interface of Geocall Daily Plan console. Perform real-time and intra-day rescheduling by managing any possible exception or unplanned event.

Geocall schedule optimization engine is recognized as a best-of-class solution for high volume and volatile schedule use cases.

Geocall Ai-driven Scheduling Optimization
Geocall Mobile

Support your workforce in managing daily operations with Geocall Mobile, the ultimate mobile FSM app featuring advanced functionalities designed for managing service operations, maximizing productivity, and improving safety conditions.

Manage the agenda of activities, debrief tasks, collect data and multimedia (manuals, documents, photos, clip videos). Fill-in mobile forms, manage mobile inventory and any need arising during the working day, in mobility and with the support of the advanced cartographic GIS features, even offline.

Geocall Mobile is highly configurable and extensible, enabling workforce collaboration, IoT data visualization, just-in time knowledge and an advanced UX.

Operate with any mobile device you prefer: Geocall Mobile is a multi-device and cross-platform product, thus ensuring the ultimate flexibility in terms of hardware and operating system.

Geocall Mobile

Do your engineers face complex jobs and risk-sensitive activities? We have launched a new Field Service Management era.

How? Empowering field technicians with the first hands-free zero-touch FSM product, enabling vocal debriefing and workforce collaboration.

Geocall Hands-free
Virtual Collaboration

Unleash the capabilities of the combination of advanced collaboration and Augmented Reality features to debrief tasks, visualize work order data, multimedia content and step-by-step work instructions. Receive the support of remote experts by combining, in real-time, AR-powered annotations, tutorials, multimedia, 3D content, live video and audio stream, to complete risk-sensitive and complex tasks, even more efficiently, safely and quickly than ever before. Completely hands-free.

Create, share and bring new knowledge, broadcasting specialized skills, experience and best practices into the company, by recording interactions.

Combine Augmented Reality with Artificial Intelligence for optimized knowledge management: capture and automatically tag data, photos and videos, thus providing continuous improvement across all stakeholders in the organization.

Geocall Virtual Collaboration
GIS Integration

Leverage, even offline, the potential and the accuracy of the 2D and 3D Geographic Information System technology, natively integrated into both Geocall backend and mobile side. Visualize on map GIS technical layers (ESRI, OpenLayers and other major market GIS products), to retrieve FSM information and data about assets, networks, IoT, customers and infrastructures.

Exploit the advanced GIS features to support the scheduling process of technicians and the dispatching of activities, due to the ultimate efficiency provided by the integration with Geocall Daily Plan, GIS and background cartography.

Discover the power of Geographic Information Systems, even in Augmented Reality on mobile devices, to enhance user’s experience and support on-field technicians in their daily on-site operative and decision-making processes, by allowing them to visualize, in real-time, the location and orientation of hidden assets.

GIS Integration
Crews Management

Manage all the activities that require the intervention of more resources, specific skills, and crews, utilizing a fixed or dynamic configuration.

Create nominal crews or unleash the potential of Geocall’s automatic scheduling features to determine who, where, when and how, based on the most appropriate skills, for the best and most effective customer service.

Crews Management
Project Management

Not all service activities are the same, some of them are complex and highly interconnected, thus requiring multiple resources and multi-day planning to be performed. Geocall supports project managers and dispatchers orchestrate projects and plan on a medium-long term while optimizing technicians’ allocation and tasks debriefing. Leverage advanced functionalities allowing the display of activities and milestones on the Gantt chart and on the Work Breakdown Structure for better control over the whole project’s lifecycle.

Geocall Project Management

Save up to 60% in travel times and boost your teams’ efficiency thanks to the automatic arrangement of feasible and optimized appointments with your customers, in compliance with the predefined service-level agreements and the geographic rules the optimization model is built on. Increase your customer satisfaction, while cutting costs and enhancing productivity

Geocall Booking
Integration Layer Multichannel

Manage work orders requests and all the information related to master data from external systems, due to a standard interface and a smooth and easy integration with the most popular ERP, IoT, CRM, and EAM platforms available on the market.

Geocall Integration Layer Multichannel
Safety Monitoring

Monitor in real-time the health and safety conditions of field resources and automatically detect potential anomalies, as a result of the smooth integration with advanced wearable devices. Safety monitoring ensures users are always aware of any on-field issue, while being able to face it quickly and efficiently.

Improve, in a proactive way, the safety conditions of frontline workers, by leveraging cutting-edge AR-driven remote collaboration features and overcoming distance barriers, to allow a quicker and safer issues’ resolution.

Geocall Safety monitoring
Mobile Planner

Take advantage of the advanced tools available on Geocall Mobile to allow your planners to manage resources in the field, to assign activities and to supervise the progress of work orders, even on the move and with the same effectiveness as the application available from the backend.

Geocall Mobile Planner
Contractors Management

Efficiently manage the process of works’ assignment to third parties and external companies, by addressing the planning and the organization of activities, as well as the administrative and accounting matters, following the predefined contracts and agreements.

Improve the communication process with contractors and monitor tasks’ progress status and budget, thus considerably enhancing your situational awareness and the level of service offered to your customers.

Geocall Contractors Management
Performance Analytics

Exploit the advanced performance analytics features to reshape your way of monitoring and analyzing data, performance & KPIs and improve your field processes. Foster Geocall packaged integration with Qlik Sense, in addition to new enhanced native dashboards and reporting tools to measure field operations. Efficiently manage maintenance, inspection operations, and equipment as a service use cases, by automatically generating periodic or event-driven work orders with the integration of advanced IoT data features, which keep you aware, in real-time, of any asset’s failure or malfunction, thus enhancing your predictive maintenance capabilities.

Geocall Performance Management
Customer Experience Enhancement

Reduce the gap between technician and customer by streamlining field interventions and taking after-sales experience to a whole new level. Geocall CEE is the mobile app allowing companies to maximize appointment efficiency and have customers engage with their service providers, while feeling in control over the whole intervention process.

Geocall Customer Experience Enhancement
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